Cora Bresciano Co-Exec Dir Blue PlanetCora is the co-founder and director of Global Language Café. She was raised in New York, in a family of immigrants from French Canada and Italy, in a home where three languages were spoken and trips out of the country were a part of every summer. A citizen of both the US and the EU, she has a background in several art forms, a wealth of experience in global education, and an extensive background in developing and implementing international writing and arts projects. Cora holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in English/Creative Writing from Florida Atlantic University, a Bachelor of Science in Education from Hofstra University in New York, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in Comparative Studies, with a concentration in Cultures, Languages, and Literatures, at Florida Atlantic University. Her academic research focuses on myth in narratives of Spain’s 20th century.

For the past decade, Cora has been the co-executive director of Blue Planet Writers’ Room, which she co-founded with Susan Gay Wemette and where she has been designing and implementing programs that connect students across geographic and cultural borders to engage in writing- and arts-based global learning. She has served as the Cultural and Educational Projects Director for 3-Way Split, a multi-country business, arts, and education collaboration, and she has presented on her work and led workshops in such venues as the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities; Florida Atlantic University’s Global Education Conference; Habla: The Center for Language and Culture in Mérida, Mexico; and the 3-Way Split International Forum in England.

Cora describes herself with four words that sum up her passions: reader, writer, teacher, traveler. At Global Language Café, she uses all these roles to serve many adults and children by showing them the wonder of learning another language and seeing the world through different eyes.

Selected Publications

How Writing and the Arts Contribute to Beautiful, Meaningful International Projects Getting Smart 

Angelina, Who Whispered in Three Languages: A Story of One Success in Arts Integration and International Collaboration
Teaching Artist Journal

Classroom Odyssey Cora’s global education blog

Selected Presentations

What’s a Crankie?? Using International Story Exchanges to Build Global Competence and Connect Students Across Borders
8th Annual Global Education Conference, Global Education Conference Network       
Recording of the presentation is available here. It begins at about 2:12.

Lorca in New York: The Power of the Querencia to Bring Otherness into Focus
The (Dis)Order of Things: Mechanisms of Power and Control Conference, Florida Atlantic University

A Bridge of Birds: Creative Work as Positive Resistance
Blue Planet Writers’ Room 2nd Annual Summer Institute

Using International Story Exchanges to Think Critically about International Affairs
Lynn University

Tell Me Your Story: Using Creative International Story Exchanges to Introduce Schoolchildren to Global Literacy and Global Issues
Humanities & Social Justice Symposium, Florida Atlantic University

Trading Stories: Connecting Students Across Borders with Creative Story Exchanges 
Blue Planet Writers’ Room 1st Annual Summer Institute

Bringing the World Into Your Classroom: Creating an International Collaboration Project for Your Students
Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Do Do That Haiku That You Do So Well! Using Haiku and Haibun to Reinforce Content Knowledge and Comprehension
Palm Beach County School District

Friends in Far-off Places: Creating International Projects in Your Classroom
Palm Beach County Language and Culture Conference

Meet Me In The Third Space: International Collaboration in the Classroom
3-Way Split International Forum, Southend-on-Sea, England

What Rhymes With ‘Technology’? Making a Podcast Of  Your Students’ Writing
Palm Beach County Education Foundation Conference

Tiger Paws: Creating a Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Cultural Webzine With Ethnically Diverse Elementary School Students
Palm Beach County Language & Culture Conference: A Global Vision

The Planet in Your Classroom
Florida Atlantic University Global Education Symposium

Up, Up, Down, Down: Is It Only The Young Who Can’t Sit Still for an Unfamiliar Cultural Experience?
Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities